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Cale and Moore confirmed for Sound City convention

By | Published on Monday 13 January 2014

John Cale

Organisers of showcase festival and music convention Liverpool Sound City last week announced two of the veteran artists who will be in conversation as part of this year’s event: John Cale and Thurston Moore.

Confirming those speaker bookings, Sound City boss David Pichilingi told CMU: “We promised a step change this year and we have delivered. John and Thurston are two of the biggest global names in music – not just for the records they’ve made but the artists they have inspired and the sub-cultures they’ve inspired. For decades right up to the present day being into Velvet Underground or Sonic Youth isn’t just a decision to buy a record – it’s a lifestyle choice. These guys literally changed the world, what people listen to, what they think, how they dress”.

This year’s Sound City, which will also have sessions focused on the football and fashion sectors within its convention, takes place from 1-3 May. More info at this link.