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Calvin Harris passes one billion streams on Spotify

By | Published on Tuesday 9 September 2014

Calvin Harris

Ladies and gentlemen, Calvin Harris DJ is officially the biggest dude on Spotify. Bigger even that Bruno Mars, who maybe a dude, but he’s no Calvin Harris DJ. Bigger too than that Pitbull guy, who, dude-like though he may appear on first sight, is not, we can exclusively reveal this morning, any kind of Calvin Harris DJ.

Yes, Harris is the biggest dude on Spotify. Well, Drake is bigger. And so is Katy Perry. And Avicii. And David Guetta. And Rihanna. Oh, and Eminem of course, he’s much bigger. But Harris, let it be known one and all, is the biggest Brit on the uber streaming service.

Well, he’s not as big as Coldplay. But Calvin Harris DJ is definitely the biggest solitary Brit on Spotify. And you just try denying that fact. Go on. You can’t do it can you? Because Calvin Harris DJ is the first ever British solo artist to pass one billion streams on the Spotify platform. And he’ll probably be the last, given I heard Britain is due to be abolished a week on Friday.

That’s one billion streams.

To put that in perspective, if every one of those streams contained 3.6 gallons of water, that would be equivalent to the amount of fluid the Amazon pumps into the Atlantic Ocean every minute. Which actually, makes it sound like a very small amount, doesn’t it? The Amazon is a very big river though remember. Very big. Anyway, I probably shouldn’t have brought up Amazon in a conversation about digital music, that’ll only confuse matters. Plus the Daily Mail would like you all to know, these aren’t actual streams.

Anyway, here’s Spotify’s Steve Savoca with a quote. “We would like to congratulate Calvin Harris on reaching the huge milestone of a billion streams on Spotify, conclusive proof if any were needed that he is one of the most popular artists on Spotify”.

Meanwhile Mark Terry from Harris’s label Columbia said: “This is a landmark achievement for Calvin and deserved recognition that he is in the elite tier of global artists. His recent level of success has been extraordinary and something that all of us here at Columbia are very proud to be part of”.

Harris will be doing some kind of live playlist thing for Spotify at 8pm tonight to celebrate the undeniable truth that he’s not quite as mighty as Aubrey, Katy, Tim, Dave, Chris, RiRi and Marshall. Or The Amazon for that matter. Well done Calvin. Many happy returns.