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Calvin Harris to quit singing and end his live show

By | Published on Monday 29 November 2010

Calvin Harris has told Aussie newspaper Herald Sun he’s going to stop singing, in order to focus on producing and DJing instead, a decision which will also result in an end to the rather popular live show format he’s been touring for a while now.

Said Harris: “I’ve stopped the live shows. I’m going to focus more on production and DJing and zero per cent of my time will go on singing. I’ll do tracks with people who can sing well – proper artists, proper performers. I can focus on what I’m much better at, which is making music. I’m just not cut out for that role”.

Talking about why, as a producer first and foremost, he went the full on live show route in the first place, he continued: “I kind of fell into it a few years ago – the live show had to happen, I had to be the frontman because I was doing the vocals on the songs. It went alright. I spent a few years trying to get it really properly good, but it dawned on me it wasn’t going to get much better. I’ve taken the singing thing as far as I can”.

The new look Calvin Harris machine may also be popping out new tunes on a more regular basis than the customary ‘new album every two or three years’ system would allow. He added: “The priority is making good songs and getting them out there, not making anybody wait, especially me. The next thing will have a featured vocalist and it’s dead exciting because these are proper artists. It’s a new lease of life for the sort of music I make”.