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Calvin Harris video cut for TV

By | Published on Friday 27 February 2009

According to The Daily Record, Calvin Harris has been forced to cut part of his new music video after being told that the promo would be banned from TV if it remained as it was. The scenes in question depict Harris holding a knife, and are therefore considered inappropriate viewing, presumably especially given the spate of knife crime in recent years.

Harris explained that he’d been told: “I’m holding an antique knife in one of the scenes, therefore encouraging knife crime”. He adds that he’s not really the type to ever actually use one, explaining: “The only ever time I was in a fight I fell down instantly and I believe they had only verbally challenged me to one at that stage. I fight like a girl.”

Harris’s label, Sony’s Columbia Records, confirmed that the video would be re-edited, saying: “Calvin doesn’t actually use the knife in the video but we need to cut the scene for any TV programme that wants to show the video. Rules are stricter and a lot of artist videos get edited for TV nowadays”.