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Camera operator passes out filming 50 Cent horror movie

By | Published on Friday 22 July 2022

50 Cent

A cameraman working on a new horror film starring 50 Cent, called ‘Skill House’, passed out due to the graphic nature of a scene they recently shot, according to the movie’s director Josh Stolberg. The rapper added that the camera operator simply “couldn’t take how real it was”.

“We shot a kill scene last night and the camera operator became so nauseated watching through the lens that he passed out and the camera crashed to the ground”, Stolberg wrote on Instagram. “Had to stop down for a half hour for the medic to get him back to his feet. He’s OK now and continued later in the evening but… get ready for some crazy shit!”

50 Cent later added on Twitter: “Crazy night, one of our camera men passed out cold for 30 minutes from the scene. Couldn’t take how real it was. We’re elevating horror to the next level. This is gonna change the rules of the game”.

I don’t know, are the altered rules of the game that people need to get killed in increasingly violent ways in horror movies? Because I feel like that’s not really a new rule. Still, if it’s making people on set pass out, maybe ‘Skill House’ is taking gore to new levels.

I mean, when I saw the 2013 remake of ‘Evil Dead’ in the cinema, the person next to me was sick during the bread knife scene. But they weren’t on set surrounded by crew and actors safe in the knowledge that it definitely wasn’t real.

Among other credits, Stolberg has worked as a writer on horror movies such as ‘Spiral: From The Book Of Saw’, ‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Piranha 3D’, as well as directing 2014 classic (maybe, I haven’t seen it) ‘The Hungover Games’.

It was announced last week that 50 Cent had been cast in Stolberg’s latest movie, and he is also producing it through his G-Unit Film & Television company. Also starring TikTok-er Bryce Hall, ‘Skill House’ apparently asks how far people are willing to go to become famous in the social media age.

“This film is bursting with mavericks of entertainment, many of them spanning multiple genres and platforms”, said co-producer Ryan Kavanaugh upon the announcement of 50 Cent’s involvement. “From a global rap and hip hop music icon to a businessman, actor, writer and producer – if anyone knows a thing or two about breaking the boundaries, it’s 50 Cent. I’m honoured to work alongside him as we watch Bryce do the same with his career”.

Speaking of musicians in horror films, earlier this week James Blunt said of a new documentary about his career: “In hindsight, I’m not sure letting them film this was a good idea”. This was after the makers of said documentary described it as being like “Spinal Tap meets Alan Partridge”.