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Camila Cabello deletes tweets “rude” football fans

By | Published on Monday 30 May 2022

Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello did not call Real Madrid and Liverpool fans rude when she performed an opening show at the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris on Saturday. While a message to that effect did appear on her Twitter account, a rep has insisted that someone else posted it.

To be fair, it does sound like the football fans were quite rude, although given what was happening as those fans tried to get into the stadium on Saturday night, that was possibly inevitable. And, either way, the musician would like you to know that her official verdict of her performance at the football match is that it was a “dream moment”.

The singer appeared at the Stade de France to perform a medley of her hits to a crowd already agitated by ticketing issues and heavily criticised crowd management which had left many fans stuck outside the venue, and which resulted in the beginning of the game being delayed.

There mainly to see a game of football – and in many cases very frustrated about all the issues getting into the stadium – many didn’t take kindly to Cabello turning up on the pitch to sing some songs, confirming that fact by booing and loudly singing their teams’ own anthems over her performance.

Following the show, two tweets appeared on Cabello’s Twitter account, the first reading: “Playing back our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their team’s anthem so loud during our performance. Like, my team and I worked tirelessly for so long to bring [the] right vibes and give a good show”.

This was followed by, “Very rude but whatever, I’M GLAD U GUYS LOVED IT!”

With those tweets seemingly not in line with the vibe she was going for either, they were later deleted and replaced with a more positive message, featuring a brief clip of the show, in which the crowd can indeed be heard singing songs that are not those being performed.

“This was something I will never forget”, the revised tweet began. “Dream moment for all of us! Thank you UEFA Champions League and [sponsor] Pepsi, we’re so honoured to be part of such a huge game. I grew up watching soccer with my family and the energy in there was SO ELECTRIC I had so much fun watching afterwards too. Thank you so much to my team and the dancers and musicians and creatives that worked so hard on this show!”

Referring back to the earlier deleted tweets, a spokesperson for Cabello told Metro that they were “deleted because someone who has access to Camila’s account posted [them] intending to post on their own account”.

So, there you go. If you’re going to complain about something on social media, do try to not accidentally tweet your gripes to a famous person’s account with words that definitely read like you are that famous person.