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Cardi B records an ASMR video, because that’s a thing in music now

By | Published on Tuesday 23 October 2018

Cardi B

Hey, do you remember when ASMR wasn’t a thing you needed to know about in the music industry? Well bad luck, those days are over. It’s the hot new promotional technique. Everyone’s at it. Well, two people I can immediately think of. The latest of whom is Cardi B.

The rapper has conducted an entire interview for W Magazine’s YouTube channel in a whisper, aiming to trigger the tingling sensation some people experience when watching such videos. She also purrs, plays with some toys, rubs the microphones a lot, and waves her hand in front of the camera. The latter I’m pretty sure is not an ASMR technique.

This is actually the latest in a long running series of ASMR clips from W Magazine, which also recently featured Alessia Cara (so I guess that’s three people I can think of). At the start, Cardi B says that she watches ASMR videos every day, something her husband Offset apparently finds “very strange”. I don’t know whether that means she’s any better at creating the ASMR experience, but it does seem that she has some idea of what she wants to achieve.

The other musical type dabbling in this space was Paramore’s Hayley Williams, who recently fondled a box of her own brand of hair dye and noisily ate crisps in what she billed as an ASMR video. One person who experiences the sensation told me that it was so bad that it was “offensive”. If the comments under Cardi B’s video are anything to go by – not a sentence I’m used to typing – her effort has been a bit more successful.

You can watch it yourself here and see what you think: