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Caribou is going to play Brixton Academy next March

By | Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014


Caribou has added a new track to his endlessly boring back catalogue – the title track from his new album, ‘Our Love’. And by the sounds of it, this album isn’t going to help me work out why you all like him so much.

Anyway, given that you almost certainly love everything he’s ever done and now think that I should be beaten into the ground with sticks for CORRECTLY stating that almost everything he’s ever done is really, really, really, dull, you might like to know that he’s announced a new London gig. No, not the one at Koko on 8 Oct, that’s sold out. This one’s going to be at Brixton Academy on 15 Mar next year.

Tickets are going on sale tomorrow at 9am. You’d probably better move quickly, because it’s likely that a whole load of other idiots like you are going to try to buy tickets too.