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Caribou’s Our Love named European Independent Album Of The Year

By | Published on Friday 13 February 2015


Caribou has been given an award for releasing the best independent album of 2014. No, he has. IMPALA gave it to him. European Independent Album Of The Year Award. He’s Canadian, isn’t he? Aside from everything else. Apparently the record only has to be released on a European label to be nominated though. I’m not sure that makes any sense.

Either way, IMPALA’s Executive Chair Helen Smith said: “Caribou emerged a worthy winner in a vote which pitched ‘Our Love’ against Europe’s very best releases of 2014. This year’s award winner also underlines the work by European independent labels, not only with European artists but with acts from all over the world”.

Meanwhile Christof Ellinghaus of City Slang, the label that released the album in Europe, added: “Wow, this is a huge honour for the artist and my label! Thanks. Caribou deserves this award for his outstanding talent and hard work. We’re happy to support Caribou’s career”.

To be honest, I’d say if Caribou really respected artistry he’d give the award to Beyonce.