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CD Baby opens store and D2F tool to all artists for free, even if distributed by a rival

By | Published on Friday 5 September 2014

CD Baby

CD Baby has moved more directly into the direct-to-fan space by offering artists access to its proprietary download store and embeddable-player-come-sales-tool for free, and without having to commit to using the firm’s digital distribution services, which get tracks into iTunes, Spotify et al.

With CD Baby Free, the indie distributor will charge a 15% commission on tracks sold via its own platform – whether that’s done on the artist’s own site or at – but there will no set up charges. It puts the service very much in line with high profile American direct-to-fan rival Bandcamp.

Those who do use CD Baby to get their content into other download and streaming services will enjoy a better commission rate, but artist who prefer to use a Tunecore or Zimbalam, etc, for that side of their distribution can still utilise CD Baby’s direct-to-fan services.

Says CD Baby Director Of Marketing Kevin Breuner: “We’re officially opening the retail site to every artist on the planet. Artists who have previously used a different distributor and not been able to get their music on can now tap into the customer base CD Baby has to offer”.