Charlotte Church talks going independent

By | Published on Friday 29 October 2010

Charlotte Church has been discussing going independent to release her new album through her own record label.

As previously reported, Church received £2 million in funding for the record and other projects through Power Amp, handing investors 50% of her recording, publishing, merchandising and live revenue for an undisclosed period of time in return.

Speaking to The Quietus, she confirmed that she’s enjoying being independent from a traditional record label, adding that she hopes to be even more independent in the future by buying her investors out. “I just want to go on my own” she said. “It’s great not having to answer to anyone, I can wear whatever I want to wear, I can sing whatever I want to sing, if I want to start my concert with a Gregorian chant I can”.

That independence, she says, also means she doesn’t have to comply with major label demands for radio-friendly single releases, meaning she can do something a bit different to the rest of the pop market, a market she really doesn’t rate just now.

Church: “When I turn on the radio it’s just a horrible noise, nothing’s organic, everything is Auto-tuned to within an inch of its life so everyone sounds the same. It’s all so synth heavy with the same old riffs and I think, come on now, branch out folks. At the top of the market it’s getting so limited it’s going to have to implode”.

Charlotte Church’s new album, ‘Back To Scratch’, is out this week via her own label, Dooby Records. You can read her Quietus interview in full here.