Charlotte Gainsbourg announces new EP and album

By | Published on Friday 26 August 2011

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s brilliant, isn’t she? Yes, she is, and I won’t have any of you saying any different. I just won’t listen. Go on, try to say she’s not. Lalalalalalalalalalalala see? I told you I wo… lalalalalalalalalalala no, it’s no goo lalalalalalalala okay, stop it now. Thanks. I know you didn’t mean it, anyway.

Right, so, you’ll be pleased to hear that Chazza has a new EP coming out next month. Like her 2009 album ‘IRM’, the EP was produced by Beck. Unlike her 2009 album ‘IRM’, it will be called ‘Terrible Angels’. And it’s an EP, which isn’t like her 2009 album ‘IRM’ either.

‘Terrible Angels’ will be released by Because Music on 5 Sep, and will feature three new songs, as well as a cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Just Like A Woman’, and a live version of the title track. Speaking of the title track, which is way more electro than anything she’s done before, you can watch the video for it below. It features Gainsbourg and a load of lookalikes dancing in a carpark.

As well as this, on 8 Nov Gainsbourg will release a two disc collection of live and unreleased material entitled ‘Stage Whisper’.