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Chart update – w/c 09 Aug 2010

By | Published on Monday 9 August 2010

Right, charts. What’s happening there, then? Well, there’s a brand new number one single. How about we start with that?

Okay, the brand new number one single this week is ‘Beautiful Monster’ by Ne-Yo, a man who enjoys a hat. That’s also the only new entry in the top ten, as The Hoosiers just missed out with the first single from their second album, ‘Choices’, which you’ll find at number eleven. Last week’s number one, ‘All Time Low’ by The (Not Really) Wanted (By Anyone) slips down to five, which doesn’t show great staying power. It’ll be interesting to see where that ends up next week.

The only other brand new entry in the singles chart is ‘Gold Dust’ by DJ Fresh, whose new album is out this week. That’s sitting at 24. Meanwhile, ‘Oh No’ by Marina & The Diamonds has made its way into the top 40, moving from 50 up to 38 this week. Other than that, nothing notable happened in the singles chart this week, so let’s just forget about it and move on.

There’s a new number one in the album chart, as well. Arcade Fire hit the top of the UK charts for the first time with their third album, ‘The Suburbs’. I’ve still not listened to it, so I can pass no comment, except that I’m assuming that, good or bad, it will still be a disappointment. A bit like ‘Inception’, which I still haven’t seen, and which I would like very much for people to stop talking about.

Anyway, I digress. Arcade Fire knock Eminem back down to the number two position for the first time since Kylie managed it five weeks ago. We’ll see next week if the rapper manages to reclaim the number one spot again, or if his time at the top really is over.

The rest of the album chart is as dull as a big dull thing that no one has ever even bothered to polish. There is one measly new entry in the whole thing, and it’s ‘Giants’ by Chicane at 35. There are some re-entries, though. So, let’s look at those. ‘Do You Want The Truth Of Something Beautiful’ by Paloma Faith is up from 41 to fifteen, ‘The Family Jewels’ by Marina & The Diamonds is up to 36 from 47, fairing a little better than her new single, and ‘Contra’ by Vampire Weekend is up to 37 from 56.

The charts are compiled by The Official Chart Company, now using a sales-based system rather than the old system of alphabetical ordering all new releases which gave Abba much of their early success.