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Check out the deep dive CMU Trends guide to music rights

By | Published on Friday 3 April 2020


An updated version of the CMU Trends Guide To Music Rights has just gone live. This deep dive guide runs through all the basics of copyright law, explains how music copyright and music licensing works, and reviews the music rights business in 2020.

It’s one of a number of guides now available from CMU Trends which help people navigate and understand the music business, and to get fully up to speed with all the latest developments. Also available are ten step guides to things like sync, piracy, digital licensing, press releases and the music marketing toolkit. New guides on copyright jargon, secondary ticketing, the streaming market and catalogue marketing will all go live in the next few weeks.

You can buy these guides one-by-one from the CMU Shop – though if you become a premium CMU subscriber for just £5 a month you can access them all for free, alongside the weekly CMU Digest and discounts to CMU Insights seminars and webinars.

Check out the CMU Trends Guide To Music Rights here. The full range of CMU Trends guides can be found here. And you can go premium right now here.