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Chemical Brothers to move into dubstep?

By | Published on Wednesday 3 November 2010

The Chemical Brothers might dip into dubstep on their next album. Tom Rowlands of the duo told New Zealand web portal NZCity that their track ‘My Electric Eye’, from their fourth album, ‘Come With Us’, has subsequently become influential in dubstep circles, and inspired them to draw influence back from the genre.

Rowlands said: “We made a record in 2002 called ‘My Elastic Eye’ and apparently it’s pretty big in dubstep. It’s like proto dubstep, so maybe we’ll return to it and make a dubstep album. I’m sure we could make a great album”.

His partner Ed Simons added: “We’ll be starting another album soon. We’re also thinking about a huge new live show for next year. We’re just waiting for the right idea to hit us”.