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Cher hit by racial discrimination claims

By | Published on Monday 22 September 2014


Cher is facing legal action from her one-time choreographer Kevin Wilson and two ex-backing dancers, who claim they were racially-discriminated-against and unfairly fired from the singer’s tour.

Wilson alleges that Cher had banned him from casting “dark skinned” dancers as she felt there was “too much colour” already in the show. He and backing dancer Suzanna Easter, who are both black, claim they were then dismissed from the tour for racial reasons, whilst another dancer, 42 year old Jacquely Dowsett, says she was fired because of her age.

In the suit, obtained by CNN, the three add that the fact that they had acted as ‘whistleblowers’ on a sexual assault by one of Cher’s male dancers on a female fan may have also contributed to their being struck off. The official reason given by Team Cher for the three firings was “budget cuts”.

Cher’s publicist was quick to deny the allegations last week, releasing a statement that read: “The accusations are ridiculous. They couldn’t be further from the truth”.

The trio are seeking $10 million (£6.1 million) in damages.