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Cher on Boris: “He’s a f-king idiot”

By | Published on Thursday 14 July 2016


So, new UK Prime Minister Theresa May made Boris Johnson her Foreign Secretary yesterday. Which is a perfect appointment. Because some reckon World War Three is now on the horizon, and who better to lead our foreign affairs during the inevitable farce that will be nuclear Armageddon than comedy sociopath Boz Johnson?

But I know what you’re thinking. Because it’s what I was thinking. And I checked. I called Barbara. And she was thinking it too. And all the research has proven that whatever Barbara is thinking is what you are thinking. That’s just maths.

And what you’re thinking is this: but what does Cher think about Boris Johnson becoming Secretary Of State For Foreign And Commonwealth Affairs for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? Well, good news people: the NME asked her. “[I] think he’s [a] f-ing idiot” responded the pop icon on Twitter, “who lied to [the] British ppl and didn’t have the **** to lead them once [the] ‘Leave’ vote won”.

So there you have it. And all the more apt because some are tipping Cher’s ‘Believe’ to soundtrack the end of humanity as we know it.