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Cher’s key to Adelaide appears on eBay

By | Published on Tuesday 24 April 2012


Do you fancy a free pass to do as you please in Adelaide? Well this is your lucky day, because Cher’s key to the city is currently up for sale on eBay.

The key and accompanying plaque were presented to Cher in 1990 after she performed at the Formula One Grand Prix in the city. Now, 22 years later, it’s clearly been decided that Cher doesn’t need to go back there.

Adelaide’s former mayor, Steve Condous, who presented Cher with the key, was not impressed, telling local newspaper The Advertiser: “I think that’s pretty poor. I’m disappointed. I would have thought that getting the key to a city like Adelaide would have had some value to her, but obviously it doesn’t because she wouldn’t have got rid of it. I’ve been given a couple of keys to cities and I felt pretty privileged to be given those. If she didn’t want to keep it she should have returned it back to the city”.

The city’s current mayor, Stephen Yarwood added: “[I am] exceptionally disappointed. I just think that it is more a reflection on her than the city of Adelaide. It must be very embarrassing for her if she is selling it because she needs the money”.

Cher, however, insists that she doesn’t know how the key came to be up for auction on eBay. Presumably she’d been turning her house upside down looking for it until the matter was brought to her attention. She tweeted: “I’m upset too and trying to get to [the] bottom [of this]! I think my office fucked up”.

For all of that, the auction is still live, so if you have a spare £60,000 you could have Cher’s freedom of Adelaide for your very own.