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Cheryl Cole has “no plans” to release third LP, still loves pop

By | Published on Monday 22 April 2013

Cheryl Cole

This is one of the most exhilarating, seat-edge headlines we’ve ever shared via CMU, so hold tight. Cheryl Cole is, as the headline says, not going to do anything, pop-musically speaking, for quite a while. She isn’t even releasing a third single off 2012’s ‘A Million Lights’ LP, because that’d be so, like, ‘then’, and she’s ready to move on. And perhaps because she’s a bit lazy. But I guess she’s earned a break, really, what with the Girls Aloud drama, and all.

Anyway. It’s as Chez was saying to that man off ‘Strictly’ on last Friday’s ‘Daybreak’: “It’s exciting that I actually don’t have any plans for once because I got a little way in with the third album and then decided to put it to one side so I could focus on the Girls Aloud tour and that’s just come to an end, so I actually don’t know”.

She adds: “I had a third single [from ‘A Million Lights’] planned and it kind of feels like that’s like, ‘then’, and I’m ready to move on”.

But asked if this ‘no plans’ lark means she’s quitting pop, she answered back: “No, not pop music. Music is my life, music is my passion, my first love, so that will always be part of what I’m doing. But I actually don’t have any plans right now”.

And here she is saying all that, and other things: