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Cheryl Cole parts ways with American management team

By | Published on Tuesday 18 June 2013

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole has apparently done that ‘parting ways’ thing with her US-based managerial team. The singer hired said team, as is/was lead by, back in 2011 to assist in ‘breaking’ her Stateside, a dream that became less likely to be realised (so basically, died) after Cole’s brisk ‘X-Factor USA’ dismissal that same year.

An incorporeal voice intones via the Mirror: “Cheryl had originally brought in a new and experienced team to help her with cracking America when news of her ‘X-Factor USA’ signing broke, but it’s been two years since she was sacked and she no longer has plans or a desire to make it over there. She doesn’t have a US record deal and, despite the rumours, is not going to be moving over there”.

The paper adds that Cole and “remain good friends and were out for dinner in London last week”, so that’s a nice silver lining to all this, isn’t it? That said, we all know how serious Will’s hot meal addiction is, so it’s hard to say if he genuinely wanted to be there.