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Cheryl speaks about anxiety

By | Published on Monday 8 July 2019


Cheryl has spoken about her struggle with anxiety in the face of intense public scrutiny, saying that she feels it would help if more people were honest about their feelings.

Speaking on Radio 1’s ‘Life Hacks’, she said: “One of the problems I think with social media is that people put on this face and this façade of how they are. I would walk out to a wall of paparazzi and put on a smile but inside I was dying. I think what happens then is everyone is looking around like, ‘why does everyone seem so good and having a good time in a happy place and I feel rubbish?’ And that’s not helpful. So if people would just be a bit more open and honest with how they’re feeling, I think we could all help each other”.

She went on to say that becoming a mother had convinced her to seek help. She told the BBC programme: “I struggled for so long in silence, I wouldn’t even open up to friends and family. I was very closed. I actually had therapy for a year. I struggled for so many years with anxiety and in my own head, thinking things… I didn’t want that to be happening when I was trying to focus on raising a child. It felt like my responsibilities shifted and my priorities changed and I needed to be settled in my own head to be able to give him the best that I could possibly give him”.

Listen to the full interview here.