Cheryl unveils video

By | Published on Thursday 3 May 2012

Cheryl Cole

So, Cheryl ‘No, Not Cole’ Cole has unveiled the 100% complete video for her new Calvin Harris-produced single ‘Call My Name’, as is first chosen for release from the on-off Girls Aloud star’s imminent new LP, ‘A Million Lights’.

And what a vid it is, particularly if you’re partial to seeing statement jackets, the reservoir racetrack from ‘Grease’, and MC Hammer-style dance moves done in MC Hammer-style Hammerpants. And tribal tattoos. And the odd dramatic ‘mirror sequence’. It has all of those things in it, in lurid abundance.

The promo was filmed in LA by Anthony Mandler, who also directed Rihanna’s controversy-causing ‘Man Down’. But who cares about that, here’s Cheryl’s vid: