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Cheryl’s vanity label not for kids

By | Published on Wednesday 26 November 2014


Leading singles-releaser and ‘X-Factor’ sweetheart Cheryl Ann Fernandez-Versini has confirmed she has designs on starting a label, a move that was first hinted at earlier this year. So that’s undeniably a thing.

Speaking to The Mirror this week, ‘Chezza’ said the one condition of her imprint will be that she’ll only sign artists aged over eighteen (and that only after an eighteen month training programme) so as not to throw wide-eyed and potentially fragile pop minors straight into the glare of the media spotlight. Like they do occasionally/all the time on ‘X-Factor’.

Which doesn’t exactly cast the aspiring likes of, say, Cheryl’s one remaining act in this year’s ‘X’ – the seventeen year old Lauren Platt – in a great light now, does it? Hear that, kids? Stop dreaming, be patient and go and… I don’t know, learn to drive a car, or join the army, or something. And only then is it OK to try having a career in pop.

Anyway, the one-time Girl Aloud told The Mirror’s 3am (and the Lauren Platts of this world might want to look away now): “Look around at the child stars – the record’s not exactly promising. It’s too much pressure. They would have to be over eighteen. But I would develop them while they’re in school”.

She adds: “I would nurture the artist before they put anything out there. I would ensure my girls do a preparation course. I love the aspect of ‘X-Factor’ where I’m nurturing talent. Watching the sparkle in someone else’s eye and remembering you having that dream, it’s such a buzz”.