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Chester Bennington’s teenage band Grey Daze release new version of 90s single, What’s In The Eye

By | Published on Friday 17 January 2020

Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington’s pre-Linkin Park band Grey Daze have released new single ‘What’s In The Eye’, featuring vocals recorded prior to his death in 2017.

Bennington left Grey Daze in 1998, a year after the release of their second album ‘No Sun Today’. In 2017, he announced that the band had reunited and planned to re-record some of their previously released music with a level of production they didn’t have the knowledge or finances to achieve back in the 90s. However, a month later he took his own life.

The band have now continued the project, using Bennington’s original vocal recordings over the newly reworked songs.

“Over the years we’d become more knowledgeable, more experienced, and had more resources, so we decided to pick a selection of songs from our previously released albums and re-record them the way they deserved to have been treated back in the 90s when we initially wrote and released them”, explain the band.

“By February 2017”, they add, “we started recording and in June, Chester and Sean [Dowdell, drummer and co-lyricist] announced the reunion, with a live performance planned for that [autumn]. Unfortunately, as we all know, that never happened”.

Tom Whalley of Loma Vista Recordings, the label releasing the reworks, adds: “As a teenager, when these recordings were done, [Bennington] had this incredible raw and somewhat undeveloped voice that had an incredible tone. He had this ability to sing great rock melodies punctuated by that unmistakable guttural scream”.

“Chester’s voice had a personality that made you a believer”, he goes on. “Listening to the new versions of these tracks, I think it represents everything that the band members and the family told me that Chester wanted to achieve with re-recording this body of work”.

Bennington’s son Jamie says of the project: “I had been told that there were no plans to bring in another vocalist to replace my dad on the album, but I didn’t understand at the time what that actually meant. It was only when I stepped into the studio that I saw the magic being performed. And by magic, I mean magic”.

“Sean Dowdell, [and songwriters] Esjay Jones and Lucas D’Angelo are miracle workers who not only had massive holes to fill in the production of [the] album but had rather limited means of filling them”, he continues. “But they did it. They did it with only masters of old Grey Daze recordings and the goodwill of friends and family”.

Listen to the new version of ‘What’s In The Eye’ here: