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Chilly Gonzales modernises chamber music on new album

By | Published on Thursday 15 January 2015

Chilly Gonzales

Chilly Gonzales has announced a new solo album, ‘Chambers’, which promises to give “a modern take on chamber music’. Composed for piano and string quartet, the album sees Gonzales re-imagine the music of the early nineteenth century Romantic era as contemporary pop.

For example, he says of ‘Sample This’, a piece dedicated to Rick Ross: “A ubiquitous rhythm in Southern hip hop gets translated to four fiddles. You should BANG this song and imagine a very fat rapper performing it. The use of the imperative on the song title is meant to convey urgency. Hip hop is a culture, but rap is a musical style like any other, and deserves acoustic treatment once in a while”.

‘Chambers’ will be released through Gonzales’s Gentle Threat label on 23 Mar. Read his full breakdown of the album here, and here’s a brief taste of some music from it: