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Chilly Gonzales posts second ‘Chambers’ track

By | Published on Wednesday 25 February 2015

Chilly Gonzales

Speaking as someone who had to stop auto-tweeting my weekly top three most-listened to artists, because they featured Chilly Gonzales under at least two different monikers every single week and it started to get embarrassing – but I just like to start each day with the ‘Solo Piano’ albums, OK? – you’ll understand that I am very excited indeed about the prospect of another LP of piano-led tunes from the self-proclaimed musical genius coming our way next month.

And look, a second track from the ‘Chambers’ record has just gone live on iTunes and up there in the Soundcloud. It’s called ‘Sweet Burden’. And if you wondered why this album isn’t just called ‘Solo Piano 3’ (there having been two editions so far), well, because there are some strings on there too, stupid. In fact, the album “re-imagines Romantic-era chamber music as today’s addictive pop, using the strings as a modern-day sampler”.

So go listen to ‘Sweet Burden’ here. Or don’t. I’ve just listened to it and am feeling well chilled out and so couldn’t care less what you do.