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Chris Brown attacked by seagulls

By | Published on Tuesday 21 February 2012

Chris Brown

Another for the ‘when marine creatures attack famous figures’ archive now, to be filed next to that one about Shakira and the sea lion. And while Grammys organisers (and much of the record-buying public) may have forgiven Chris Brown his many, many moral misdemeanours, it seems the same can’t be said for a flock of seagulls, who dive-bombed the singer in true Hitchcockian fashion as he basked on Miami Beach this weekend. Well, that’ll teach him not to hit birds.

The gulls reportedly assailed the rapper – who last week received a henpecking of a different sort from his own disappointed mother – after he and his entourage fed them some chips.

Perhaps they were health-conscious seagulls, and would have preferred something fat-free. Perhaps Chris Brown appears just as heinous from a bird’s eye view as from the salient perspective of HelloGiggles writer Sasha Pasulka. Who can say.

As you’ll note from these photos posted on The Daily Mail site, Brown’s baggy shorts also fell down as he attempted to fend off the ravening fowl. That’s not strictly relevant to the story but, in the interest of thorough reportage, a vital detail nonetheless.