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Chris Brown falls out with neighbours over parking arrangements

By | Published on Thursday 21 July 2011

Chris Brown

So, now Chris Brown is pissing off the disabled of West Hollywood. Well, he is pissing off his neighbours, who claim the popular R&B man and one time wife beater is parking his oversized cars in parking spots reserved for disabled drivers. According to TMZ, his vehicles have been ticketed several times and managers of the complex where Brown has an apartment are threatening to tow his cars if he continues to park them in reserved spots.

However, Brown’s lawyer Mark Geragos denies his client is at fault, arguing that actually it’s the pop boy who has been wronged. The legal man says Brown’s deeds say he gets two specific parking spaces with his property, but that building managers have made those spaces disabled spots. This breaches Brown’s contract and, Geragos says, he is currently pursuing litigation to have the status of his parking spaces changed. He is also fighting the parking tickets, he adds.

But building managers and neighbours still aren’t impressed, accusing Brown of frequently parking in disabled parking spaces other than those subject to the legal dispute, as well as “blasting loud music and partying day and night … and even racing dogs down the hallways at all hours”. But those neighbours should really look at the bright side. I mean, he’s not beaten any of them unconscious and left them on the street. Which has to be a plus.