Chris Moyles unlikely to return to conventional radio

By | Published on Wednesday 12 December 2012

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles may well not return to Radio 1, according to The Sun, despite his current contract with the nation’s favourite running to 2014.

Many had expected the presenter to launch a late show on the BBC station after exiting its primetime breakfast slot back in September, basically taking over the spot in the schedule previously occupied by his breakfast show replacement Nick Grimshaw. But then last week it was announced Phil Taggart and Radio 1 newcomer Alice Levine would start a new late show on the station early next year.

According to The Sun, Moyles was offered both a late show and a weekend slot on Radio 1 but has turned both down, having seemingly lost his enthusiasm for radio (not to mention, if the gossipers are to be believed, his long-term partner-in-crime ‘Comedy’ Dave Vitty, who’s said to have fallen out with Moyles over his former colleague’s friendship with his ex-wife).

Of course with his recent live show and album projects, which seem to have had a decent uptake, not to mention his ‘acting’ in the arena tour version of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’, Moyles isn’t short of things to occupy his time. But he does have plans to return to broadcasting, though, the tabs sources say, most likely via some kind of online/mobile venture.

Says the source: “Radio 1 wanted Chris to do that show but he didn’t want to. They hoped they could change his mind as they would like to have at least a fraction of the audience of eight million who tuned in to his breakfast show. [But] he’s now unlikely to stay with Radio 1 or indeed with BBC Radio. He is a massive geek and his head is full of ideas about how to broadcast to his fans without using traditional means. It’s early days, but it’s expected to be a digital proposition for the smartphone generation”.