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Chrissy Teigen under Twitter attack after criticising Brown

By | Published on Wednesday 23 May 2012

Chris Brown

Ah, Chris Brown fans hey? I think we’re just going to have to let the anthropologists of the future figure them out, because without the benefit of a thousand years of hindsight nothing about them makes any sense at all.

But model Chrissy Teigen, aka John Legend’s fiancée, was forced to think about the R&B wifebeater’s faithful fans in a more contemporary fashion earlier this week after being on the receiving end of their collective bile. She’d criticised the singer’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards, see.

Of course, some still wonder whether its appropriate for the US record industry to keep giving Brown star billing at its flagship events while he’s still serving his sentence for beating his then girlfriend Rihanna unconscious in the street in the middle the biggest date in the American music calendar, Grammy Weekend. Though with each new awards show booking those concerns seem to get further pushed out of mainstream conversation. Because, after all, there are records to sell.

But Teigen wasn’t commenting on the rights or wrongs of the decision to book Brown on Sunday night, rather she wondered aloud on Twitter whether the singer’s very visual performance at the Billboard Music Awards wasn’t a little style over substance. Or, in her words: “Why sing when you can dance?”

Now, it’s true many were impressed with the visual spectacle Brown delivered, though Teigen wasn’t the only critic on the social networks. However, she possibly received the angriest response from Brown’s fans, one of whom tweeted: “You’re just mad because you were another SLUT with a dress at the award show that nobody knows”. Another declared that Teigen was a “ditzy dumb ass tramp [who] your mother should’ve aborted”, while one charmer told the model: “All you do is talk shit, you need to be raped and murdered”.

Many of the more offensive remarks were subsequently deleted by the powers that be, but not before TMZ screen grabbed them. Justifying the deletion of the remarks, Teigen subsequently wrote: “[The] messages [were] deleted due to, ohhhhh, i dunno, telling me I’m getting a bullet to my brain, asking for me to be raped and murdered… normal stuff”.

She added: “I will do everything I can to make sure people know, internet or not, you CAN’T say this shit. It really makes me sad that 99% of the most disturbing comments come from young girls. I’ll end it there but it makes me sad”.