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Christina my arse, say The Wanted

By | Published on Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Wanted

So, while The Wanted may have depressingly stopped dissing rivals One Direction, at least they are keeping up the Christina Aguilara fued. Well, when goaded into it by American radio presenters they are.

Those of you paying attention may remember how in April the British boy band told US radio station Now FM how, when they appeared on the American version of ‘The Voice’, Christina, one of the judges on the show, totally blanked them and their performance of whichever bit of lacklustre pop mush they were promoting at the time. Said Tom Wanted of Christina: “She is a total bitch”.

Interviewed again by the same radio station this week, the very same Wanted boy was reminded of those remarks, to which he responded: “Loud mouth. Sorry! … Well I’m not sorry!”

Now FM’s presenter then pulled out a large sheet of paper with the words “Beautiful, Bitch and Britney” written on it, and provided cut out faces of Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears, asking The Wanted boys to stick each celebrity face next to the word that best described the pop lady in question.

J Lo and Britney were chosen here, of course, because they too have been the subject of Wanted chatter, the boyband having once gushed about how lovely Lopez had been when they sang a bit of their pop shite on her show, ‘American Idol’, while later claiming that they’d been forced to face the wall so as not to make eye contact with Britney when backstage at one of her concerts (something Team Britney later denied).

Anyway, as expected, J Lo’s face went next to “beautiful”, Britney’s face next to “Britney”, leaving Christina as the bitch. “Where shall we put Christina?” the radio presenter asked, “up my arse” responded Wanted Tom.

What fun. You can watch the interview here, should you so wish: