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Christine And The Queens talks about her second album 

By | Published on Friday 6 July 2018

Christine And The Queens

Christine And The Queens has announced details of her second album, called ‘Chris’, which will be released by Because Music on 21 Sep.

Chatting about the new record, she notes how her debut album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ was mostly “about teenage years – loneliness, really true feelings, and there is a softness in the way I wrote as well, because I was properly introducing myself”.

‘Chris’, meanwhile, “gets to be a bit more exhilarating, because I get to say, okay, I’ve been introduced now. I get to be more confident”. That additional confidence, she adds, is partly possible because album number one turned her from a “reclusive, bookish young woman”, mainly writing songs for her own amusement, into “an athlete performer – which is something I always wanted – but it happened!”

“The second album could have been me finding a fancy producer in LA and doing the pop shit”, she goes on, “but actually, no, I wanted to make it even more personal”.

Having already put out one track from the new album, ‘Girlfriend’, another has now gone live called ‘Doesn’t Matter’, which you can listen to here.