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Christopher Maloney to release LP via Tristar

By | Published on Thursday 25 April 2013

Christopher Maloney

Singing baked bean Christopher Maloney, aka him off of ‘The X-Factor’, has ‘landed’ an LP deal (a real one this time) with independent label Tristar Records, Sony having declined to sign him post-‘X’. The LP in question, which, Chris says, will consist of “mostly” original tracks, shall be released later this year.

Talking to the Liverpool Echo, he adds: “I wanted full control over what I was doing and full creativity and I wanted a label that will look after me. I didn’t want to go somewhere with big artists where I would be put on the sideline. If I signed with another record company, it would have been a lot longer process and my fans are waiting for my album now”.

And: “There’s two people writing it at the moment and one producer. People are expecting an album full of covers but that’s not what I’m going to do. There may be one or two covers but it’ll be mostly new stuff”.