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Chuka Umunna becomes ambassador for PRS For Music Foundation

By | Published on Thursday 25 August 2016

PRS For Music Foundation

Labour MP Chuka Umunna has been named as a new ambassador for the music-community-funding PRS For Music Foundation. He’ll go around telling everyone that we should support a diverse range of music in the UK and help it to get out into the wider world. Like a dick. Just kidding, that sounds great. I am in favour. Let’s hope he can get a seat on the train while he’s going around telling everyone that.

Getting a kickstart on all that positive talk, Umunna says in a statement: “I’m excited to become an ambassador for the PRS For Music Foundation. Music has been such a big part of my life, and part of the fabric of our community. I went to my first gig at the Electric in Brixton to see Soul II Soul in 1991. Brixton was the birthplace of David Bowie, the inspiration for the Clash’s ‘Guns Of Brixton’ and Eddy Grant’s ‘Electric Avenue’, and a favourite jamming spot for Jimi Hendrix. Today, the bars and cafes along Streatham High Road regularly host new artists who are trying out new material and honing their craft”.

Thanks for the history lesson. He goes on: “Our community embraces our rich diversity and heritage to make it a melting pot of musical sounds and cultures from all corners of the globe. I look forward to supporting the excellent work of the PRS For Music Foundation to help support the next generation of musicians breakthrough”.

Is the PRS For Music Foundation actually pleased to have him on board though? You bet. Here’s exec director Vanessa Reed: “We’re very excited to have Chuka as an ambassador for the Foundation. As Chuka is very supportive of the UK’s music scene and is always ready to speak out on important issues such as diversity, which are only just beginning to be fully acknowledged across the creative industries”.

“Chuka’s involvement as an ambassador will resonate with those who know about Chuka’s own passion for electronic music whilst helping us to champion both the creative and business impact of the diverse talent we’re funding”, she adds. “We’re grateful for his help and support”.

By the way, if Chuka was here right now, I’m sure he’d tell you that the deadline to apply for the next round of funding via the PRS For Music Foundation managed Momentum Fund is 15 Nov. Details here.