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Church and Henson split

By | Published on Tuesday 1 June 2010

Hmm, I think Charlotte Church and her baby-father Gavin Henson got a bit confused – you generally get engaged before getting married, not to pre-empt splitting up.

The singing-telly-presenting-talent-show-judge and rugby playing bloke announced they would separate this weekend, after five years together and just weeks after announcing their engagement. He was seemingly kicked out of the couple’s home once Church had decided the relationship was over, and was last seen holidaying in Benidorm, him being a classy fella.

The tabs reported that things had come to ahead between Church and Henson when the former accused the latter of becoming too close to actress Susie Amy, who he has been filming a reality show with. But friends of Amy told reporters yesterday she is in a happy relationship already and “wouldn’t touch Gavin with a barge pole if he was the last man on earth”. Which is nice.

As previously reported, Church is working on a new album having scored a £2 million investment from pop investment fund Power Amp.