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Clark announces new album executive produced by Thom Yorke

By | Published on Wednesday 25 January 2023


Clark – aka Chris Clark – has announced that he will release new album ‘Sus Dog’ in May. The record was “mentored and executive produced” by Radiohead’s Thom Yorke.

“Chris wrote me to say he’d started singing, looking for feedback/advice or whatever, cos it was kind of new shark-infested waters for him”, says Yorke. “I’ve been into what he does for years and I ended up being a kind of backseat driver as he pieced all the oddness of it together, which was fascinating”.

“I wasn’t surprised to discover he came at singing and words through another door completely, which to me was the most interesting and exciting part”, he goes on. “The first thing he sent me was him singing about being stuck between two floors and I was already sold”.

“To me, the way he approached it all wasn’t the usual singer songwriter guff thank God; it mirrored the way he approached all his composition and recording, but this time it had a human face. His face”.

Yorke also sings and plays bass on album track ‘Medicine’, with Clark saying that the lyrics on that song are about “a perfect day in nature with my wife, but also chancers, dread of time, humans as animals, addiction, the inner judge and how it’s always other people’s narcissism, right?”

The album is out on 26 May and Clark will play EartH in London on 2 Jun. Listen to new single ‘Town Crank’ here: