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Cliff Richard “so sad” about Rik Mayall’s death

By | Published on Wednesday 11 June 2014

Rik Mayall

As you all know, Rik Mayall died this week, which is shit. I totally wasn’t finished watching him yet. And other reasons that don’t revolve around my selfish desire to be entertained.

Still, it wouldn’t be the death of Rik Mayall without a statement from Cliff Richard. Nor would it be a statement from Cliff Richard on the death of Rik Mayall without us all first watching the latter performing a poem about the former in ‘The Young Ones’:

Anyway, here’s what Cliff said: “I became a fan of his when he was in ‘The Young Ones’ show and was always thrilled when he used my name during his series. I am so sad at his parting”.

The pair, of course, worked together back in 1986 on the first and best ‘Comic Relief’ single, ‘Living Doll’:

As is the norm in these situations, there is now a Facebook campaign to get Mayall to number one in the hit parade this Sunday. Not via his input on ‘Living Doll’ though, rather with his 2010 World Cup song ‘Noble England’. Because the World Cup is about to start, apparently.

Back in 2010 the song failed to chart, but this year is already looking to be a different story. The campaign has gained the support of Jon Morter, who was the co-founder of the successful campaign to get Rage Against The Machine to number one in 2009 and was involved in the original promotional campaign for ‘Noble England’ four years ago.

Morter told the Evening Standard: “It would be great thing for Rik’s memory [to get him to number one]. He was a comedy legend. Rage Against the Machine was more of a protest whereas this campaign seems to be a way of displaying respect. It’s a cruel irony that on the eve of the World Cup we have lost him. It’s now time for everyone to wake up to this fantastic song”.

This is the video for the song, right here: