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CMU Beef Of The Week #17: Courtney Love vs Fred Durst

By | Published on Saturday 8 May 2010

Oh Courtney, how I’ve tried not to feature you in this column. You could almost be in it every week. As it is, I think this is the third time. But you do ranting so well.

Yes, Courtney’s latest attack comes at the expense of Fred Durst and, perhaps more so, a man she saw wearing a hat. The incident happened when Hole headlined Edgefest in Dallas last Saturday.

Towards the end of the band’s set, Love began mocking Durst and the lyrics to his band’s song ‘Nookie’, saying: “I have to say, as much as I like Fred, he brought about the worst years in rock history. That just be a fact, OK? That just be a fact. ‘I did it for the nookie!’ I did not do it for the nookie, I did it for the rock! I’m just saying, man, he’s a nice guy, but Jesus!”

A fair evaluation, perhaps. But then she spotted someone in the audience wearing a red baseball cap, Durst’s trademark, and began accusing him of being a rapist. She yelled: “I see a guy with a backwards baseball cap. Dude, you! You scare me! You make me feel like you’re going to rape me or something, and all my children! You did it for the nookie, dude in the red baseball hat! Do you know one word to one [Hole] song? That is so lame. I’m so sorry, you’re here for the nookie! I could beat your ass”.

I’m not sure if there was anything other than the red baseball cap that made the guy in question look a bit rapey, but if not, how did Durst get off with just being a nice guy who ruined rock?

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