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CMU Insights at AIM House: Getting Creative Entrepreneurialism Into The Curriculum

By | Published on Wednesday 6 May 2020

AIM House 2020

The Association Of Independent Music is presenting its annual AIM House conference programme (which usually takes place at The Great Escape) virtually this year on Friday 15 May – and CMU Insights will curate a strand within that programme. Over the next week we’ll run you through each of the sessions CMU will present.

CMU’s Pathways Into Music project has been mapping music careers and exploring the respective role of music education and the music industry in supporting future music talent. That research is ongoing and we are currently in the process of publishing a series of guides based on it.

We’re also exploring practical steps that could help educators and the industry better support DIY-stage music-makers, including local music industry mapping, a framework for fanbase building, and considering if and how schools and colleges could teach creative entrepreneurialism. And now all that work will go under the spotlight in AIM House.

We know that for music-makers to succeed in the digital age – whether as frontline artists or portfolio musicians – they need to think like an entrepreneur. The music industry, meanwhile, relies of music-savvy entrepreneurs to help those artists develop their individual businesses, and to get their music online, on stage and into the ears of potential fans.

So are we doing enough to provide music-makers and creative people with entrepreneurial skills? Almost certainly not. Could creative subjects in schools and college incorporate more entrepreneurial elements to help young people develop those skills? Almost certain so.

But what do we even mean by ‘creative entrepreneurialism’? What skills, knowledge and experience are we talking about, and what are the best ways to help music-makers and creative people develop in this way? We will gather experts on building artist and music businesses – and on the ins and outs of fanbase building – to help answer those questions.

Among those joining us will be entrepreneurial artist Eckoes, Fiona McAuley from YMU, Mark Lippmann from Scuff Of The Neck and Paul Pacifico from AIM. Artist manager and educator Phil Nelson – who is leading on CMU’s Pathways Into Music project – will moderate, while CMU’s Chris Cooke will kick things off with a very speedy overview of the Pathways Into Music work to date.

To access these CMU sessions – and all the other debates, conversations and workshops taking place as part of the AIM House virtual conference – get signed up for free here.