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CMU Insights at AIM House: Going Global – What Did You Learn?

By | Published on Tuesday 12 May 2020

AIM House 2020

The Association Of Independent Music is presenting its annual AIM House conference programme (which usually takes place at The Great Escape) virtually this year – it’s this Friday – and CMU Insights will curate a strand within that programme. As the big day approaches we are running through some more of the sessions CMU will present.

GOING GLOBAL: WHAT DID YOU LEARN? at 2pm on Friday 15 May
In the digital age, artists have global reach from the off. From the moment an artist first uploads a track to SoundCloud, in theory that artist can reach anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. And sometimes that just happens organically. And sometimes – when that does happen – nobody is quite sure why.

However, building and commercialising a global audience for an artist remains hard work. Even when the stats tell you that an artist has a growing fanbase in any one country or city, capitalising on that often still requires on-the-ground support in some way.

And once you are releasing, marketing, touring and otherwise monetising music in new countries, there’s often lots to learn about how things work there. Because while there is now a global music business, in each country commercial and cultural trends and conventions – not to mention copyright law, how contracts are written and enforced, and how people get paid and taxed – can be very different indeed.

To get some insights on what to look out for, we’ll be joined by a panel with plenty of experience of launching artists into new markets. The questions are simple – as your artists went global: What did you learn? What surprised you? What were the biggest challenges? What would you do differently next time?

Joining us for our going global discussion will be Adam Tudhope from Everbody’s, Cecilie Torp Holte from Circle Management, Meg Symsyk from Entertainment One and Ric Salmon from ATC. CMU’s Sam Taylor will host.

To access these CMU sessions – and all the other debates, conversations and workshops taking place as part of the AIM House virtual conference – get signed up for free here.