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CMU Insights at the Brighton Music Conference

By | Published on Wednesday 22 September 2021

Brighton Music Conference

As the UK government responds to Parliament’s inquiry into the economics of streaming today, this Friday CMU will be at the Brighton Music Conference to tell everyone in the dance music sector everything they need to know about the big old streaming debate.

The streaming music business has been in the spotlight throughout the COVID pandemic, of course, as streaming revenues continued to grow while clubs and gigs were in shutdown. For the dance music sector, recorded music income topped $1 billion in 2020 thanks to the continued growth of subscription streaming. But how is that streaming money shared out across the music industry?

Many artists, songwriters and producers argue that the current business model isn’t fair – and in the UK their campaigning led to MPs scrutinising the streaming sector, with artists, managers, majors, indies and the streaming services all taking part in parliamentary hearings. The government now plans to set up an industry contact group and two technical working groups to continue debating issues and possible solutions.

CMU’s Chris Cooke will provide a speed briefing on Friday talking BMC delegates through everything that was debated, what conclusions were reached, and what impact that will have on the streaming sector as the wider music industry goes into revival.

‘Where’s my fucking money? Parliament’s streaming inquiry explained’ takes place at BMC on Friday at 11.30am in Theatre Four.

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