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CMU Insights: Book into webinars on copyright, streaming and fanbase building

By | Published on Friday 18 December 2020

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Why not start 2021 by getting to grips with the inner workings of the music industry and fully up to speed with all the latest trends and developments? That’s exactly what CMU’s weekly webinars are all about – with three series of three webinars occurring, putting the spotlight on copyright, streaming and fanbase building.

The Music Copyright Webinar Series in January provides an introduction to copyright law in general and music copyright in particular, explains the different kinds of music licensing, and runs through the key music rights data points that ensure everyone gets paid.

The Streaming Explained Webinar Series in February provides an introduction to the digital music market in 2021, how streaming services are licensed by the music industry, and how streaming income is shared out across the music community each month.

The Building A Fanbase Webinar Series in February and March looks at how new artists go about building a fanbase, the different marketing tools available, the importance of fan data, and the role of different music industry business partners in the fanbase building process.

You can book into individual webinars for just £25 – or get a ticket for any one of the three series of sessions for just £60. Click here for full info on all our upcoming webinars.