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CMU Insights: CMU + Vill Vill Vest Sessions

By | Published on Wednesday 20 July 2022

Vil Vil Vest

CMU will return to the Vill Vill Vest festival and conference in Bergen, Norway in September to present four sessions – two speed briefings from CMU’s Chris Cooke, and two panel discussions.

The first speed briefing will run through the big digital dollar debates, which is to say the ongoing discussions about how the streaming music business works, and how streaming royalties are shared out across the music community. The session will help delegates navigate and understand each of the key talking points, and will provide an update on proposals and initiatives around the world to address the issues that have been raised.

The second speed briefing will delve into some of the most buzzy buzzwords of the last couple of years, including blockchain, NFTs, metaverse and Web3. It will explain what these different buzzwords mean and – more importantly – how these technologies might power or enhance digital products and services that will create new opportunities and revenue streams for the music industry.

With the panel discussions, CMU will put the spotlight on how artists and labels can create great content on a tight budget, so to keep social media feeds refreshed and the fanbase engaged. And then we’ll be joined by a panel of experts to discuss the responsibilities of digital platforms to deal with harmful content that is posted by users, and the ins and outs of all things cancel culture.

You can find out more about the CMU sessions here. Meanwhile, find out about all the showcases and conference sessions at this year’s Vill Vill Vest here.