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CMU Insights: Dissecting The Digital Dollar

By | Published on Friday 31 July 2020

Dissecting The Digital Dollar

Have you got yourself the latest edition of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ yet? Don’t forget, the Third Edition was published earlier this month, fully updated to cover all the latest market trends, industry debates and copyright reforms.

The ‘Digital Dollar’ book brings together the five years of research that the UK’s Music Managers Forum has undertaken with CMU Insights to help music managers understand the inner workings of the streaming music business.

It explains how the deals between the streaming services and the music industry work, while also running through the copyright law and music industry conventions you need to understand for those deals to make sense.

Also covered are all the ongoing debates around the streaming music business model, including how streaming royalties are shared out, the role of the collecting societies, the case for Performer ER being paid on streams, all the user-centric chatter, and the ongoing music data problems.

Buy your copy of the book from Amazon here. Plus you can also check out a short presentation that CMU’s Chris Cooke made when the book was launched here, or read it here.