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CMU Insights: Dissecting The Digital Dollar

By | Published on Wednesday 22 July 2020

Dissecting The Digital Dollar

Last week the MMF and CMU Insights published the Third Edition of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’. It brings together the five years of research that MMF has undertaken with CMU Insights to help music managers understand the inner workings of the streaming music business.

The new version of the book includes an updated version of the original ‘Digital Dollar’ report, which not only explains the streaming music business model, but also the copyright law, music industry conventions and collective licensing systems that you need to understand for the model to make sense. Updates take into account all the latest market trends, plus key copyright law reforms like the EU Copyright Directive and the US Music Modernization Act.

It also summarises the series of roundtable debates that the MMF staged as part of the ‘Digital Dollar’ project involving artists, songwriters, labels, publishers, lawyers, accountants and managers, and subsequent discussions involving the MMF’s board and custodians. Again, the book brings the topics discussed bang up to date and includes more on those areas that have become a much bigger talking point of late, such as the user-centric royalty distribution conversation.

You can check out the short presentation CMU’s Chris Cooke made at the book launch event MMF hosted last week here, or read it here. And you can buy the book from Amazon here.