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CMU Insights: Download the first Pathways Into Music guide

By | Published on Friday 14 February 2020

Pathways Into Music

Yesterday at the Output conference in Belfast, CMU launched the first in a series of Pathways Into Music guides, which are mapping music careers, and proposing how music education and the music industry could better support young music-makers.

The first guide reviews the frontline artist career, breaking that pathway down into ten steps, from hobbyist to headliner. The traditional music industry gets involved in a focused way at around about step four, making steps one to three the DIY Phase. A key question being tackled by the wider project is: what do artists need to do to progress through the DIY Phase, and what support is available to help with that process?

The guide identifies DIY services, industry organisations, mentors, peers and educators as all playing a key role during those first three steps. One way to ensure that more DIY Phase artists have access to that support is to enable them to identify and connect with a local music industry. To help with that process, Pathways Into Music has also developed a taxonomy and methodology for mapping local music communities, which will be outlined in the next guide.

All of this will be discussed in much more detail at the Music Education Conference as part of The Great Escape in May. That is open to all TGE delegates, plus standalone tickets are also available for £75 – info here.

You can download a free copy of the first Pathways Into Music guide here.