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CMU Insights: Get to grips with the streaming business with our masterclass this March

By | Published on Wednesday 8 January 2020

Digital music services

Subscription streaming is the biggest revenue generator for the recorded music business. And behind all that streaming income sits complex deals between the digital platforms and the labels, distributors, publishers and collecting societies.

Understanding how those deals are structured is essential for understanding how the streaming business works, and how artists and songwriters get paid when their music is streamed. The good news is, we can help you work it all out via our ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ masterclass, which returns to the London HQ of Lewis Silkin on 2 Mar.

This three hour sessions talks you through what you need to know about copyright law, record contracts and music publishing conventions in order to understand how the deals work. It also explains why there are no per-stream rates, how royalties are calculated each month, and why bad data can stop songwriters from getting paid at all.

Tickets for the session are now available at the early-bird rate of £80 plus VAT. You can book yours here.