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CMU Insights Seminars & Masterclasses this autumn

By | Published on Friday 19 July 2019

Music Marketing

Don’t forget that early-bird tickets are still available for the seminars and masterclasses that CMU Insights will present at the London HQ of Lewis Silkin this autumn.

Want to fully understand how music copyright works? What the difference is between publishing rights, master rights, mechanical rights, performing rights and neighbouring rights? When and why the music industry licenses collectively? And how, exactly, music rights make money? Then our copyright evening seminars in September are for you

Keen to understand all the different elements of the modern music marketing toolkit? Want to know which social media channels matter and why? Want to get to grips with fan data and how to use it? Interested to know which music media matter and how to influence the people who make it? Then check out our music marketing evening seminars in October.

Still confused about the insanely complicated streaming music business? Want to know who licenses who and how artists and songwriters actually get paid? Interested in why it ended up being so complicated? Want to have informed opinions on all the ongoing digital dollar debates? Then get yourself down to the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ masterclass on 8 Oct.

And finally, did you lose track of what that European Copyright Directive was really all about? Still a little unclear on what the safe harbour is and why the value gap campaign was launched? Interested to know what America’s Music Modernization Act means? Or why termination rights are becoming an ever bigger talking point? Then the ‘Key Developments In Music Rights’ masterclass on 6 Nov is the one to attend.

For full details on all our upcoming training courses click here.