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CMU Insights: Streaming Explained Webinar Series

By | Published on Friday 11 December 2020

Digital music services

CMU’s weekly webinars will return in 2021 – and among the upcoming sessions is a three part series all about the streaming business, including…

THE DIGITAL MARKET IN 2021 Tuesday 2 Feb 2021 | 2.30pm
Streaming now accounts for more than half of recorded music revenues worldwide – and in many countries it’s much bigger than that. Get fully up to speed on all the key trends and developments in the global streaming music market in this super timely webinar.

HOW DIGITAL LICENSING WORKS Tuesday 9 Feb 2021 | 2.30pm
The streaming business is complex in terms of how services are licensed, and how artists and songwriters get paid. Get to grips with it all via our concise user-friendly guide to digital licensing and streaming royalties – explained in full in just ten steps.

HOW MONEY GETS SHARED Tuesday 16 Feb 2021 | 2.30pm
Streaming is a revenue share game, with digital dollars shared out each month between artists, songwriters, labels and publishers. We explain how the money is currently split up and talk through why some people in the industry believe a different approach is needed.

You can get a ticket for all three sessions for just £60 – click here for info. Or to book into individual sessions click here.