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CMU Insights: The Economics Of Streaming

By | Published on Monday 1 February 2021

Music Applications

With the economics of streaming very much in the spotlight at the moment – and the indie labels due to answer questions this Thursday as part of the ongoing parliamentary inquiry into the streaming music business – we’ve got lots of resources to help you navigate and understand everything that’s going on.

First, there’s the CMU timeline documenting the culture select committee’s inquiry. That includes various resources that explain how the streaming music business works and the various issues with the current model, plus all of CMU’s coverage of the inquiry itself.

Secondly, to dig deeper, don’t forget the ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ book. Based on five years of research undertaken by CMU Insights with and for the UK’s Music Managers Forum, the ‘Digital Dollar’ book is an in-depth guide to the digital music business, the deals done between the streaming services and the music industry, and all the various issues that have been raised along the way.

And finally, tomorrow’ the latest round of CMU’s ‘Streaming Explained’ webinar series kicks off. Over three Tuesday’s we provide an overview of the digital music market in 2021, an easy-to-follow ten step guide to digital licensing, and a discussion of how the digital dollar is currently shared out between artists, labels, songwriters and publishers. Click here to sign up.